Relieve Back Pain with Regular Massage Therapy

Massages can offer you relief from terrible back pains as long as they are done right. In addition to medical treatment, you can relieve back pain with regular massage therapy. Whether they are short-term in nature, or chronic, having a massage can provide relief. Massage can offer you relief in the following ways:

  1. An Increase in The Flow of Blood: Muscles are known to recover quicker when blood circulates freely. Soreness is reduced and an improvement noticed in the general flow of blood when massages are done. Massage therapies are known to increase the vascular function in people regardless of whether they exercise or not. This is one of the benefits of having a massage. Here is how massage can help with circulation.

  1. Increased Endorphins: Pains are easily fought when the body releases endorphins. This is easily achieved when massages are done. Pain-fighting endorphins make the recipient feel good and take away the feeling of pain in the process. Back pains are dealt with effectively when massage tactics such as trigger point therapy and acupressure are used. They facilitate the generation of endorphins which brings about a sense of euphoria. A simple massage of about 15 minutes is enough to generate endorphins which can last for as much as 48 hours.
  2. Reduction in Tension: One other way that back pain is relieved through massage is in the reduction of tension. Back pain can result when people feel tensed more than necessary. Too much tension causes pain since it is in excess of the muscle tension your body needs to maintain its posture and support general movements. Muscle restriction in the lower back can be relieved through massage. It is clinically proven that muscle tension can be relieved when you have a massage.
  3. Heat Application: The application of heat also works wonders in the relieving of back pain during massage. When you feel pain on your back, the best solution may be to apply superficial heat during massage. Some massage services are geared towards the relief of back pain using add-ons such as hot towels, warm stone massages and heat packs. They are ideal recommendations for getting the job done.

Back pain can be relieved using massage therapy. This means that going for a massage is not all about luxury but helping your body generate endorphins that make you feel good for as much as 48 hours. Since about 85 percent of Americans are expected to suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, the reduction of back pain through massage therapy is good practice.


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